Why do this?

Steve and Ange

Hey! We’re Steve & Ange… or Ange & Steve… either way, hello and thanks for stopping by!

The storyteller here is Ange; I’m usually the one doing most of the talking – even when it’s Steve’s turn. ūüôā

Our journey really started in 2013 when Steve suffered a heart attack at 42 years of age. This was a major wake up call for both of us, and we started to reassess what is important to us.

We weren’t unhappy with our lives, but, we felt like we needed to make some changes. We looked at what was important to us and decided that we wanted some¬†time off to reconnect with each other, and see the world before retirement.¬†We figured that taking a¬†break would give us time to¬†unplug, recharge and reconnect.¬†So, we quit our jobs and set out to explore the world together.

¬†You can always make more money but you can’t make more time.

The six months of travelling together were amazing, and we did reconnect on a much deeper level. We experienced new languages, new foods (even spicy foods!), new cultures, we met amazing people, we took risks and had many fantastic adventures.

Now that we are back in our home country, we will continue to reset our souls by working adventures into our everyday life.

Many of you will have your own reasons for wanting to reset your soul, and hopefully this site will help you to find your path – or will at least make you smile.