Stone setting at Chez Monique

After class on day two, I headed to a gem shop recommended by Wayan called Batu Batu.  The shop is two floors, so needless to say, I was there for quite awhile, and walked out with more than just one stone for my ring! They have some great stuff, but I was melting upstairs – no air conditioning and no breeze – plus it’s a bit dark up there, and some of the things I got looked different in daylight (flaws and cracks were more visible).

I was inspired by this ring I found on Pinterest, and decided that this is what I wanted to make. I was either going to set it with a pearl, or with a rainbow moonstone, depending on what stones I found, and what looked best.

pearl ring

The ring is a fairly simple design, but there were quite a few steps to get it right. I had done the twisted wire technique with my earrings, so that was a good easy start. I took the twisted wire and wrapped that around a ring mandrel tool to get the right size so that I could cut the two rings I’d need for the base of the ring.

Here are the two rings being formed.

I decided that I would go with the pearl. Since there was a hole in the bottom of the flat side, I thought it would make it easier to set. Here are some of the materials for making the pearl setting.

The frame was a bit higher/taller than I wanted, so I had to cut it down and file it a bit.

There were a lot of steps to putting together just the pearl setting. There was a base piece with a spike to help hold the pearl, then the frame part that all had to be attached to the twisted ring part. the sit had to be just perfect so the pearl was in tight, and everything was at the right scale. Here’s everything being soldered together.

Once the ring was ready, I realized that the pearl I bought was flawed. It had a weird crusty dent on the side, and I started to doubt that it was even a real pearl. 🙁 I asked if maybe we could file down the bottom of the pearl so that it wasn’t as tall, and hopefully that would make the flaw less visible. Anyhow, we did decide to file the pearl, and I was much happier with the look.

Here’s the finished product! I love it, and think it was well worth all steps. 🙂

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