Silversmithing in Ubud, Bali

I had read a lot about how Ubud is the artistic, spiritual area of Bali, so I was very excited to find some opportunities to learn a new craft. I chose to try silversmithing, and I took four classes in total from two different studios.

The first boutique I found was across the street from our hotel and is called Studio Perak. The class was about a half day (1:00 – 4 or 5:00) and cost about $38 CAD I think, and that was for one piece of jewelry up to 5 grams of silver.

After my first experience I was hooked on making jewelry, but I wasn’t sure about returning to Studio Perak, so I did some research and found Chez Monique. I LOVE all the wonderful people at Chez Monique, so I just kept going back for classes till we left Bali. Wayan is an amazing person, and I consider him to be a friend. He truly deserves the five star rating he has on Trip Advisor!

Here are the pretty things I made, and a bit about the process used to make each of them.

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