Review of Week Two – and a half

SlotZillaAt the start of the week, we headed to Fremont Street. It had been a few years since we had been there, so we hadn’t seen the SlotZilla zipline up close yet. We wandered towards the giant slot machine to check it out as I explained to Steve what I had read about the two levels on the ride. I was telling him that I thought I could possibly work up enough nerve to maybe try the lower level, shorter ride where riders are seated. As we got closer, Steve teasingly started to challenge me to go big or go home, and he taunted that he didn’t think I’d be able to hack doing the “real ride” (the zoomline) which was super high up and where riders fly instead of sit. I hate when he thinks I’m a scaredy cat that doesn’t do fun things, but I was super freaked out once I saw how high up the ride really was.


As I discovered later, the Zoomline takes off more than 10 stories up (114 feet) and whisks flyers 1,750 feet, all the way down the Fremont Street Experience. Flyers travel down the zip lines at up to 40 miles per hour.
I tried to stall so I could try to figure out if I could work up enough courage to actually do something so terrifying – I also wanted to watch and see someone else do it first just in case LOL. In the end, we walked into the ticket office and I asked the lady behind the counter if she had tried the zoomline and she had, and even admitted that she cried a bit once she got to the top. My hands were sweating, but now it was time to decide, so I agreed to try the zoomline – YIKES! She put a bracelet on me and told me to head over to the ride and climb up the stairs. I climbed the stairs to the first level where I think they weighed me, then sent me over to get my harness on. I was nervously talking and everyone was pretty blasé… they told me to head over to the elevator to get up to the top. Meanwhile, two other people had shown up so I started chattering to them. It was a guy and his aunt, and they were doing the ride based on his aunt’s suggestion – his aunt was pumped, and he had zip lined before, so he was pretty relaxed too – that was till he got to the top. At the top I couldn’t look down and just kept talking nervously while they lined us up and assigned us to our ‘beds’. I lied down and they hooked up the cables and such and told us that if we wanted to go faster, we could push off from the top of the bed once they hoisted us up. The guy and I challenged each other – “I’ll do it if you will” I said – so we did.

The door opened and we moved forward and then it was go time! I pushed off and started swimming in the air all frog like, racing with my new friend on the other cable. We were laughing and screaming and racing neck and neck until suddenly, I just started to pick up speed and I was soaring down the line – no sign of the other riders what-so-ever! I changed into the superman pose and surveyed the land below while scream-cheering and laughing the entire way! It was so fast and so fun until I started to get close to the end of the ride. I was coming in super fast, and I had no idea how the hell I was supposed to stop! My mouth was dry and I just looked ahead to the platform where no one was paying much attention to the crazy lady coming in hot… then WHAM! I stopped hard and just hung over the stage a bit.

Eventually the guy came zooming in and they pulled us over onto the beds on the platform to unhook us. The aunt I guess got stuck, and they had to send someone out to get her off the cable. I seriously would have peed my pants if that had been me!

I asked one of the workers unhooking us if I had the ‘fast line’ since I came in way before the others, and was told that heavier people ride faster. LOL thanks, it’s always great for a girl’s self esteem when she rides faster that a guy and another girl, who got stuck by the way, because she wasn’t heavy enough to get to the end!? WTF eh? Ah well.

Anyhow, we weren’t allowed to take photos or videos from the ride, but I found a video showing riders being sent off, as well as a point of view video of one rider so you can get some sense of what an absolute rush this was! Steve will be posting the video he took of me actually flying!!

The next day, however, I woke up with extreme lower back pain, so I started stretching and I must had done something bad because I guess I threw my back out. It was horrible, and I was having problems just walking, so we headed to the spa and I scheduled a nice long massage. The spa at Ballys is lovely, and they treat their guests like royalty (review to follow). The massage guy was very professional and the massage was great, but I was still pretty crippled just trying to get off the massage table. I got some back patches and creams and went to bed early hoping that the next day would be better for our trip to Burbank.

The next day was not better, so sadly we had to cancel our flights to Burbank. Bummer, but I guess not getting Ellen tickets totally worked out for the best! I was sad that we wouldn’t be dressing up in costumes and checking out “Let’s Make a Deal”, but perhaps some day in the future we will make our way to LA/Burbank and spend more than a day seeing and doing things.

The rest of the trip I spent in pain, but it seemed to get a bit better when I put the back patch on it and moved – slow walking was okay.

Beatles LOVE showWe had tickets to see LOVE the Beatles Cirque show at the Mirage, which we were excited to see as well. The layout of the theatre was interesting, and so we researched where the best places to sit were. We got tickets in section 209, Row O, seats 9 & 10. The seats are smaller than in other theatres and I was very uncomfortable with my back pain. Beatles Love ShowBut, they were located almost right behind the soundboard, and we were close enough to see the facial expression on the performers faces. The show was crazy energetic, and it was almost overwhelming at times trying to see everything that was going on. This show is different than the other cirque shows for sure, and there is more dancing and less of the nail biting crazy stuff the other cirque shows do. The costumes and sets and props were fantastic, and I almost wished I had been drinking because it was very psychedelic and I think that would have been wicked trippy to be on something LOL. I think seeing MJ ONE first was a mistake, because I didn’t feel the Beatles show was nearly as spectacular as the MJ show was, and I was a bit disappointed.

One day we got free tickets to see Defending the Caveman show at Harrahs. It was an afternoon show in a smallish intimate comedy club theatre. The show is a very entertaining look at the differences between men and women from a man’s perspective, using the caveman analogy to highlight reasons for the gender gap. I laughed and gained a better appreciation of Steve and his quirks, and we’ve enjoyed making jokes referencing things from the show ever since.

We also lucked out again and got more free tickets, this time to see Jublilee at Ballys. We had seen Jubilee a few years ago, but it has recently been redone/updated, so we were excited to see what was new. They seated us right at the stage – I was touching the stage we were so close!

Jubilee is an adult show filled with beautiful, and mostly topless, showgirls. The costumes are gorgeous, full of shiny things and feathers, and the women are amazing –  it’s incredible to see them move about the stage with such poise and grace carrying humungous headpieces weighing as much as 35 pounds each! Sitting so close I could see every detail of their makeup too, and I have no idea how they can wear eyelashes that long! It’s a very classic and a cool show to see, plus where else will you get to see the sinking of the titanic on stage?

"Awesome" Brian

“Awesome” Brian

"Pineapple" Brian

“Pineapple” Brian

After Jubilee, we headed to the Ballys bar to visit our favorite bartender Brian. Brian made me the most amazing grown up chocolate milk drink one night that gave me such a fun buzz, I had to return to the scene of the crime again LOL. When Brian went on break, we met the other bartender also named Brian! He told us he was pineapple Brian, and the other we nicknamed awesome Brian. While ordering my yummy drink, the lady next to me overheard and wondered what was in it. I had no idea, but it was a good opener to chat, and we quickly became bar friends, who just had to do some shooters together! LOL We decided that the bar should be called the Brian Bar, and I believe we pitched the idea to the manager, who humored the dumb ass drunks and played along. So, I highly recommend the Brian Bar (near the poker area) at Ballys for the best service, yummiest drinks, giant shooters, and most fun night ever!

Brian bar friends

Fun new friends we met at the Brian bar

The rest of the time in Vegas we watched a lot of hockey games and enjoyed as the Oilers won four games in a row! It was fantastic! We walked the strip and watched the fun free shows like the volcano and fountains, as well as the many, many street performers and costumed people. Having back pain like I did, I wasn’t as up to doing as much as I had originally planned, and I’m totally okay with that. By the time we left, I was ready to get back home. I still find it sad when we leave our vacation ‘home’, but I was actually looking forward to stepping away from the crowds and craziness for awhile.

Just a few more days now till we leave for our major part of the journey. I had hoped I would be pain free by now, but I’m not, so I’ll hopefully be seeing our Dr to make sure I haven’t got a slipped disk or something horrible like that. I’m nervous still, but looking forward to the next adventure!

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  • Anita
    November 4, 2014, 7:38 am Reply

    I hope you feel better soon! Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures 🙂

    • Ange
      November 7, 2014, 8:57 pm Reply

      Thank you so much Anita!

  • Sue
    November 5, 2014, 2:59 pm Reply

    How’s the back? I hope better…………..need more stories 🙂

    • Ange
      November 7, 2014, 8:56 pm Reply

      My back is super messed up today – SUCKS!! I am adjusting to the time diff and rock hard beds …. but I am not afraid to take the good meds now – the hardest part of this is deciding if should take the meds OR have a beer LOL it’s a tough one!
      thanks for asking 🙂

  • Peggy&Bill
    November 8, 2014, 5:22 pm Reply

    Hi Kids–hope all is well and that the back problems have gone away. Just to ley you know we have “SNOW” and icy streets. Oh well it’s to be expected.
    Keep up the interesting stories and happy travelling.

    • Ange
      November 9, 2014, 8:57 pm Reply

      Hi! Nice to hear from you! My back is feeling so much better today – this is the first day I’ve had this much mobility, so I’m grateful I’m finally on the mend!
      I saw a winter snow/ice warning in the weather app for Edmonton – YIKES skating rink roads eh? I guess we got out just in time! New post coming up soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

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