Our First Week in Review

We left Canada just a week ago, and we’ve already seen and done a lot since then! Our journey started off a bit shaky since we nearly missed our shuttle bus to the airport, and being the directionally challenged girl that I am, I somehow managed to lose Steve and felt like I was on an episode of the amazing race as I ran around up and down stairs trying to find him. Luckily, all worked out, and we had no issues with our travel after that.

We arrived in Laughlin, NV about an hour ahead of schedule, on Sunday night, and were checked into a nice two room suite at Harrahs (review to come).

Laughlin At NightLaughlin is always an interesting place to visit and it typically has an older, more mature crowd. 🙂 The weather along the Colorado River is always a bit hotter than Vegas weather, and I think we had temps around 30 plus Celcius the entire time we were there. It’s a neat little place to visit, much, much slower and less crowded than Vegas, but with a lot less to do there as well. However, wherever you go there is always great service from every person you meet (in our experience). At Harrahs in particular there is a 24 hour cafe/restaurant with decent food and prices, and always above exception service! Special mention has to go out to Billy – he is fantastic!

water-taxi-topWe enjoyed the slower pace, and being on the river. It was nice to hop in the river taxi and take a ride to the other various hotels. I enjoy visiting the Colorado Belle in particular – the hotel is charming from the outside because it looks like a steam boat, and they have a river/moat out front where there are tons of koi fish and ducks. For a quarter you can buy fish food and toss it out to them and watch the feeding frenzy! I love it because the ducks and the fish battle it out for the food, plus once the pigeons hear the machine giving out food, you soon have a bunch of them following you around like lost puppies. For some reason this just tickles me to pieces and I get all child-like and super excited to visit.

In-N-Out BurgerI also love taking a walk across the street to In-N-Out burger for a step back into the fifties, with fantastic home made burgers, shakes and fries – fries made fresh from real potatoes! The prices are crazy cheap as well, and the service is fantastic.

From Laughlin we rented a car – yup, I agreed to go on a road trip, which was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but I knew it would make Steve ever so happy to do it, so I agreed. We drove for I guess it was close to almost two hours to the Hoover Dam. We took the ‘back route’ as suggested by the wonderful Billy, and I’m not sure if it was a tad longer, but it was more convenient with where we came into the Dam.

Hoover Dam was a bucket list item thanks I think in large part to Chevy Chase’s Vegas Vacation. We loved calling it the damn dam tour every opportunity we had – then we’d giggle like idiots. It was super hot, and we didn’t prepare well – no hats, sunscreen or water – doh! I was getting a bit overheated and excited to get to Vegas, so we did our own tour rather than going on the official dam tour. It really is an amazing site to see, and I recommend making the trip if you can.

View from our roomWe arrived in Vegas and checked into Paris – no suite here unfortunately, but it’s a lovely “Red Room” on a higher floor with a view of the Eiffel Tower and of the fountains. (review to come) We were warned, however, that the night club below might be a bit loud, and they weren’t kidding. If we weren’t such old farts, we might have missed the noise, but we tend to get to bed earlier pretty much when the club is just getting started. Lucky for us, we travel with ear plugs, so no issues there.

There is so much to see an do here in Vegas, at any hour of the day. People watching is a blast here, too, and in a short walk from one casino to another you can see Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Minions, near naked women dressed like cops, or show girls, as well as collect coupons for meals or show, or porn. LOL it’s quite the place.

Friday night was the night I was waiting for because I was finally going to see Britney Spears Piece of Me show at Planet Hollywood. I’ve been wanting to see that show, and have missed it the past few visits. Anyhow, I am glad that I saw the show, but I had hoped for a bit more. When I requested tickets I said that I didn’t want to get seats too close to the stage because sometimes it ruins the viewing of the entire stage, and I assumed that there would be big screens to get a good look at Britney while she performed. Sadly, there were not, and Britney was a bit hard to see from our seats in section 204, row G, seats 3 & 4. Plus, in true concert fashion, everyone stands and I always get tall guy in front of me, so I was doing a lot of bob and weaving back and forth to try to catch a glimpse of her.

Britney stage

Before the show started they were broadcasting the twitter feed with the hashtag pieceofme, so Steve and I had some fun and took a selfie so we could see ourselves on the big screen LOL it was kind of fun. A few minutes before the show, there was a huge commotion, screams and everyone was standing trying to get a good look at this entourage that walked in the VIP area. Turns out, it was JLo (Jennifer Lopez)!

The show itself was very well done. The sets and lighting were fantastic, and the show was non stop energy! Britney did lip sing most of the show, but Steve did point out a couple of songs where we think she was actually singing. The music/sound was great and I love all her music, so it was a pretty rocking night.

foodfestWe didn’t have any shows to see on Saturday, but I had read that there was a big Las Vegas Foodie Fest happening from Thursday to Sunday, and there were food trucks from all over set up, as well as White Castle was going to be there! I have always wanted to try a White Castle burger, and again, I blame the movies for making them be a must try item on my list. We lucked out and the line ups weren’t too long, but it was crazy to see what a following White Castle has (they call it Crave), and many people were buying their max limit of a hundred burgers each! After getting our much smaller order, we wandered around trying to locate some fries… normal french fries aren’t the easiest item to locate when you are surrounded by gourmet food trucks. We found a german sausage truck that had garlic fries, and then sat down to enjoy our feast. The burgers are small, and white castle & garlic friesI guess they aren’t even called burgers but sliders, so they are sliders – mini burgers 🙂

I was starving and I devoured a few of them along with the delicious fries. I think that eating so fast, and eating so much grease was bad because the ‘meal’ didn’t quite agree with me – I won’t go into details. So, again I’m glad that I tried it, but I’m not likely to crave them again anytime soon.

MJoneSunday was another day I was anxiously awaiting because, like Britney, I (we) have been wanting to see the Cirque Michael Jackson ONE show for awhile, but it is always sold out, and after seeing the show, I can see why.

The show was amazing! I can’t think of enough words to convey what perfection that show was. From the second the show started till the very end, I was kept on the edge of my seat laughing, crying, and tapping my feet (oh and sometimes singing along under my breath too of course!) The show is a definite must see if you love MJ’s music, and cirque does it in that incredible jaw dropping way that only they can do. We tried to get seats in the middle section and in the middle of the theatre. We were in section 203, row BB, seats 11 & 12. Pretty decent seats, but the next row up/down (AA) would have been better, and we would had been able to interact with some of the performers too. Next time I guess 🙂

MJ One

The only disappointment and criticism is directed at The Mandalay Bay staff. After the show, there was a very, very urgent need to pee, and even though there were washrooms right freaking there outside the theatre doors, we were not allowed to use them, and instead had to dodge our way through the hoards of slow moving people slowly gushing out of every door of the theatre, into the long cramped hallway, then we had to manoeuvre past a huge lineup at the first available washroom and make a mad dash sprint across the casino to the other side to find a washroom with a shorter line. LOL not a fun end to a terrific show. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t just let that closer set of washrooms be open after the show was done?

Anyhow, that’s the trip report to date. It has been an amazing week so far, and I’m looking forward to more adventures to come!

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  • Anita
    November 3, 2014, 6:55 am Reply

    People were buying a hundred burgers at a time?? Wow. Did you do a Grande Canyon tour at all? We are going to Vegas in a few weeks and that’s one of the things we were thinking of doing.

    • Steve
      November 3, 2014, 11:26 am Reply

      Unfortunately we did not get to the Grand Canyon this time. I hear it is pretty nice. Something you might want to consider would be a helicopter tour of the Canyon (maverick http://www.maverickhelicopter.com/)

      They can be pricey but from what I hear very worth it. Next time we go I will be doing one of these. Have fun in Vegas.

  • Sue
    November 5, 2014, 2:45 pm Reply

    Dude…..really???? You forgot sunscreen / hats and water?? OMG….. Thanks for the giggles and the week sounded fantastic 🙂

    • Ange
      November 7, 2014, 8:56 pm Reply

      I know right?! 🙂 thanks, it was a super fun week!

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