Making jewelry for Steve at Chez Monique

I was SO excited to return back to Chez Monique and hang out with Wayan and his team. I hadn’t bought any stones to set yet, but the morning before my class Steve asked me to make him a drum set pendant. He found some sketches online and I took a photo of his screen to bring to class with me, not knowing how the heck we would ever pull something so complicated off!

When I arrived, it was warm hellos and a big hug from Wayan. I excitedly showed him the photo of the project I was now being commissioned to make. 🙂 We chatted and measured out approximately what size I wanted for the pendant. For some crazy reason, probably because I remember how difficult cutting out the small birds were, I decided that Steve’s pendant should be big – like gangsta big. LOL We measured out about a three-four inch square, then one of the guys from Wayan’s wonderful team sketched the drum set to size in the square, just using my photo as a reference! Crazy talented!!! Here are the supplies we used.

The paper was glued onto the sheet of silver and cut to size.

Now it was time to emboss the details onto the drums.

I also added an inspirational quote to the back of the pendant. I liked stamping 🙂

And the part I liked the least, the cutting out of the image. It really looks so easy cutting the outline, but I broke at least 5 blades by grinding too hard and sawing too fast.

Yikes, not even halfway there!

After the cutting was done, the paper was removed and it looked like this before the patina was added.

Here’s the wonderful finished product all polished!

I think it might be a bit bigger than Steve would like, but he wears it, so I say that’s a success! I couldn’t wait to go back and make myself another ring!

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