It’s Our One Year Blogoversary!

I can’t believe that a year has passed already!?  We started Reset Your Soul.com at the beginning of September 2014, and I think it was a year ago today that I worked my last day of nine to five!

It has been a mostly fantastic year, in which we did, saw, and learned a lot.  I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity to travel to the eight countries and twenty one or so cities we visited, but more importantly to have been able to spend the time we did together.

Looking back it’s funny to think of how scared I was before we left. Traveling now seems natural, and I am much more confident in my ability to go with the flow.

While I originally set out hoping for a big AH HA moment, where all of my life questions about joy and purpose would magically become clear, I now have come to realize the beauty of the subtleties of  what I learned about myself through travel.

Most people have asked what our favourite place or part of the trip was. Since I think it’s too hard to pick just one place, here are a few of our most talked about experiences.

Chiang Mai, Thailand – The Elephant Nature Park

We absolutely loved everything about our visit to the Elephant Nature Park. Spending the day learning about elephants while also being able to interact with them in their home was just incredible! Since learning about the horrors of animal cruelty in the tourism industry, we have tried to pass along what we learned and educate as many people as we can about how to avoid the traps and instead support animal rescue projects.

Steve & Ange with Elephants

Singapore, Singapore – Such an Unexpected Surprise

During the planning phase for our Southeast Asia trip, we didn’t even have Singapore as a possible stop. Luckily, the cruise we took left from Singapore, so we booked a few days there prior to cruising, and it was such a treat! Merlion & Ange

Singapore is such an interesting, multicultural city with so much to see and do! When the first part of the cruise finished in Singapore, we took the opportunity to do more exploring and spent a day at the botanical gardens.

Singapore Botanic GardensAfter we left Bali, we flew to Singapore again to do even more exploring. This time Steve got to experience going to a zoo for the first time! Singapore Zoo We did tons more in Singapore, and I still can’t say enough great things about it. Also, I think hands down that was the BEST airport we’ve ever seen!

Thailand – Best Beaches and Best Food

Koh Samui had the most amazing beaches in all of the locations we visited on the island. When you see Thailand beaches in photos or movies, they really are that spectacular! Thai people are also so kind and lovely, and we felt so welcome and comfortable in all the cities we visited. Plus, the food – ah-maz-ing!!!!

Sunset Samui 5

Looking back, I’m glad that we chose to travel. Even though we’ve come back to Canada and landed smack dab into a recession, I remind myself of our travel motto “you can always make more money but you can’t make more time.” Our time away gave us so many experiences that can never be gained in any other way, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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