How to mess with your internal clock

LoungeOMG, I am SO tired! We are on a four hour layover in Hong Kong waiting for our three hour flight to Bangkok. My computer clock says it’s 7:30 PM Thursday, but my internal clock tells me it’s 3:30 AM… I did catch a tiny nap on the plane (the 12 hour flight here), but crossing timezones and having had a piss poor sleep the day before travel is taking a toll on me now. On the plus side, this is a beautiful lounge! They have all kinds of sitting areas, and food and drink areas – a variety of hot and cold snacks as well as a bar where they will mix drinks for you, and showers too if you want! It’s huge! When we checked into the lounge I went looking for the washrooms and fell into my first culture shock I guess… no, not the squatty potties, but here in the lounge everything is really slick and modern and understated, and along the shiny white wall is where you find the word ‘washrooms’ in silver letters, but to the dumb and sleep deprived I was looking for the arrow to point me in the right direction, I didn’t realize that I needed to push the wall to enter into the washroom hallways… LOL good times.washrooms

I’m feeling a bit dizzy from lack of sleep, so I might need to go for a walk. I’ll write more from Bangkok tomorrow I guess!

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  • Gen
    November 7, 2014, 5:00 pm Reply

    Internal clock will be messed up for a few days! Chris mentioned that lounge was awesome! Have fun guys!!

    • Ange
      November 7, 2014, 8:20 pm Reply

      I was totally thinking of you when we were in this lounge. It was beautiful and I think it’s totally your style. Also, I was thinking of you wondering if things were like this for you in Japan?

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