Ange ziplines down Fremont Street

SlotZillaSo Ange did it… I can’t believe she managed to gather the courage to zipline down Fremont street in Vegas. To be honest I really thought she would chicken out at the last minute but she didn’t. I’m so proud of her for doing something well outside of her comfort zone.

We agreed that this trip should be about challenging ourselves and facing our fears head on. We both believe this is the only way we are going to grow. That being said it’s much easier to say your going to do that then to actually do it.

This was Ange’s first test of courage and she passed with flying colors. Not only did she do the zipline but I suggested she go for the tallest one (over 10 stories high and 1000 plus feet right down Fremont)

Check out the video and watch Ange Superman her way down Fremont Street.

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