If I blog about my disappointment will I get to meet Ellen?


Because sometimes when you’re expecting something, it just doesn’t happen

I think Steve created The Soap Box section to rant, so I’m gonna use it as my outlet for dealing with my pissy mood.

Right now I am super disappointed that I’m not going to be BFFs with Ellen DeGeneres (just yet).  Steve warned me to not get my hopes up, and to stop fantasizing that Ellen was going to discover me in her studio audience and be super charmed by how funny I am, and by how adorable our story is, that she was going to interview me/us (an item which is on my bucket list) and then she would want to follow our blog and stay up-to-date on how our trip is progressing, etc, etc, oh, and probably have us back as regulars to the show too, of course. (I dream big I know) But since I can’t even get two damn tickets to see her show, I guess it’s highly unlikely that she and I are going to meet … yet (holding out hope that someday I will). *big heavy sad sigh*

I was certain that I was pretty much guaranteed to get tickets – how could I be denied after all I applied for show tickets almost two months prior to the show date, plus I’m from out of country?! When we were first looking into possibly going to LA, I realized that holy crap, I could get tickets to see Ellen and that would be AMAZING! I went to the show website, and it was perfection because the week we would be available to go, had every day available to apply for tickets!! Oct 20, 21, 22, or 23…. I carefully read all of the rules which said that I could only pick one day…. holy cow, if I can only pick just one day, which one should I choose??? So, I Googled and read trip reports from people who had been to see her show, and as I understood it, she tapes the day before the show airs, so Thursday would be the perfect day because I might be able to see two tapings – for the Friday and/or for the Monday show. Also, it would be awesome because I’m guessing the Monday show being the week before Halloween will be super duper fun filled with Halloween pranks and goodness! I scare super easy and figured Ellen would love that about me as well.

Anyhow, I applied for the Oct 23 taping about mid August, and then I waited. On the show website it said that if you hadn’t heard two weeks prior to the show taping, you should try again for a different date. I marked Oct 9 in my calendar as the drop dead date I’d hear back. Meanwhile, I monitored the flights to Burbank and they started to go up in price. I wanted to be confident that it was meant to be for me to see her show, so I booked our flights putting us in Burbank for the entire day – first flight in and last out – non refundable tickets. I was home by the phone all day Oct 9 and no call 🙁 I almost couldn’t believe it, so I went to the website again to reread the info when I discovered that out of the blue, there were tickets available now for a magical Friday show taping!? Could it be that I was meant to go to the Friday ‘special’ show instead? Of course, it must be! So, I applied for tickets for that day (Oct 24) and waited for my call from the show. It’s the weekend now, and I’m pretty sure that I’m not getting a call – no Ellen tickets for me – and I’m so sad and disappointed.

On top of feeling crappy about not seeing Ellen, there are now non refundable flight tickets to Burbank for the day. I’m just so disappointed that I won’t be seeing and doing what I was so excited about (seeing Ellen), that I don’t have any joy or enthusiasm for any of the other many attractions in the Burbank/LA area. Steve wants to go to Universal and do the rides, but all I can focus on is that ‘it ain’t Ellen’ sigh….

So, there is my rant of disappointment and heartbreak. Any thoughts from anyone out there on what to do in Burbank for the day?


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4 comments… add one
  • Gen
    October 14, 2014, 8:42 am Reply

    The top 5 hardest show tickets to get..Ellen, SNL, Late Show, Tonight Show and Jon Stewart. Everybody is from out of town

  • Sue Nagy
    October 14, 2014, 1:29 pm Reply

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get the tickets…..what about Warner Brothers Studio tour? How is Vegas?

    • Ange
      October 17, 2014, 4:17 pm Reply

      Might do the warner brothers tour and/or I got tickets for Lets Make a Deal but Steve doesn’t want to wear a costume so we will see

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