What Does it Mean to Reset Your Soul?

We’ve been home for a month now and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to ‘Reset Your Soul’. I was reading an article recently about hitting reset, and it talked about how in the world of technology there are two types of resets – a hard reset and a soft reset. This reminded me again of my computer geek days when a hard reset would mean to reboot the computer – like hitting the power button – a bit drastic, but it would turn things back to the original factory settings and sometimes that was a good thing. A soft reset, on the other hand, would reboot the computer with the software still running  – so more like a restart – less dramatic and it wouldn’t affect your settings.

Quitting our jobs to travel and discover the world was more like a hard reset and just what we needed to move forward.  So we refreshed ourselves mentally, but now how do we take that momentum, along with all the learning and experiences, and translate that into everyday life at home? We started the blog just before our trips, so the blog naturally became a travel blog for documenting our journey before and during the trips. But we had always envisioned that the usage for the blog would be multipurpose – sharing our trip [travel], finding joy and awakening passion [happiness], weight loss and healthy living [health] – and we were strategic in choosing the name. I remember looking up the individual words:

reset = to move back to the original position
soul = that which gives life to the body

 I even found a quote I love that resonates with the theme:

“I would rather shape my soul than furnish it.” — Montaigne, Essays

But now that the excitement of planning the trip and the travelling is done (for now), what the heck will I write about, and how will I keep inspired? These are the questions I’m struggling with.

Coming home after having lived in a different culture for so long has been interesting.  It’s like nothing has changed and things look the same and are familiar, but it feels weird and so different – if that makes sense? Did I change that much? Maybe the reboot brought me back to factory settings I had long forgotten? So if I’m back to factory original, do I reinstall the same old software I was running before?  Do we slip back into the same programming? Is it even possible to go back after all we’ve experienced?

I’m not sure I have any of those answers, so for now and for the next little while the blog will continue to have a travel focus as I catch up on my storytelling. When I look over the hundreds of photos we took, I am connecting back remembering so many wonderful moments, and I think writing and reliving the moments through the blog will help reignite my excitement as well. I really enjoy sharing our stories, and I’m happy to hear that many of you have been entertained by my writing as well– thank you!!

It is my hope that our mistakes and successes can and will inspire and help others in some way. So tell me, do you need a reset?  Which one will you choose?

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