Organic Living on the Road?

fresh fishA few years ago Steve and I watched a movie about GMOs (fantastic movie called Genetic Roulette) and it helped to educate us on what GMOs are, and why avoiding them matters for our health. Shortly after we watched Hungry For Change, and since then, we have tried to remove GMOs from our lives and embrace organic foods (and healthcare products). It was a slow process as we incorporated more organic foods, and finished off what we had for processed or non-organic foods in our cupboards.

I also became a label reader, not just on foods, but on my makeup and skincare products. I tried to educate myself on what’s in the items I use on a daily basis, and what certain ingredients might be doing to impact my health. (learn more from these sites – David Suzuki / Cosdna / EWGs Skin Deep)

Recently, I watched another movie called Vegucated. It’ a fantastic movie that exposes some disturbing facts about the meat (and dairy) industry – even organic meat and dairy, which I had always assumed was better than non-organic. Seeing the movie changed the way I look at meat, and I stopped eating meat for about four weeks afterwards. I have start eating meat again out of laziness I suppose, but I probably don’t eat as much as I used to.

Anyhow, what does all this have to do with traveling? Before we left Canada I was looking ahead, wondering what life away from our North American ways would be like. I hoped that we would be able to keep up with our healthy food habits , and perhaps improve them even more. I read and heard that Thai food would be fresh and flavourful. I hoped and imagined that organic fruits and vegetables would be plentiful, and that we would find ourselves eating more fresh fish.

Now that we’ve been here for a few weeks, I can confirm that Thai food is indeed very fresh and flavourful. We are eating tons of fresh fruit, but maybe not as much veggies or fish as I’d like, but that changes from day to day and meal to meal. I personally feel excited that I’ve tried to break out of the traditional North American eating habits and I sometimes choose soup or rice for breakfast (yummy)!

As for my personal care products (lotions, cleansers and makeup) I packed enough to get me going, and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for what’s available to purchase here when the time comes. It’s difficult, however, since the labels are in Thai, and I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking at. I have spotted a few places that have signs with the word “organic” on them, and I’ve noticed a lot of handmade soap vendors, as well as products made with honey.

So what is my point? I guess it boils down to overcoming fear of change. I started this post as a draft before we left Canada because I was worried and was stressing out about maintaining a chemical free, GMO free, and organic lifestyle while on the road. These are legitimate concerns for sure, but I realize that as much as I was looking forward to travel and to having new experiences, I was scared of change at the same time. I needed some comfort and reassurance that I would be okay, and for me because I had researched a lot about food and chemicals and GMOs and such, it was the easiest thing to cling to and to hold on to that I could feel ‘safe’ about.

Now that we are here, I am learning to go with the flow more, and to just enjoy what is. I am still concerned about what we eat, and I try to be aware and to make good choices, but I am not letting fear stop me from experiencing new things, and for me that is a huge step in my own personal growth journey.



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  • Lizzy SG
    November 26, 2014, 6:44 pm Reply

    When are you coming to Daqing?!?! You’re sooo close!

    • Steve
      November 27, 2014, 7:40 am Reply

      When it get’s warm 🙂 We would love to see you but it’s too cold and we don’t even have any pants not to mention having to arrange the travel Visa :0

      Do you have anytime off – Email us privately and we can talk

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